Specializing in permanent makeup, areola and scar camouflage

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About me

Diane has a medical background and is a fully trained and qualified micropigmentation specialist in France and Canada, one of the few Certified Permanent Cosmetic Professional, the CPCP certification being the most prestigious credential setting the example of excellence within the permanent cosmetic industry. Member of the SPCP Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals and the American Academy of Micropigmentation, she's always updating her knowledge with the latest advanced procedures in the permanent makeup industry, new safety standards, infection control, skin disorders, regulations and pigmentology, offering her clientele the highest level of professional standards.

She is very passionate about her medical work and believes cancer survivors deserve the best medical tattooing at the completion of their long, tough journey.

Diane consults from and is proud to be associated with clinic 805, a fully accredited, state of the art, surgical facility, with consultation rooms and a non-surgical medical aesthetic clinic, located in the core of Victoria’s vibrant Humboldt Valley.

During the consultation she will discuss your expectations and will create your profile with your medical history and present state of health allowing you to make an educated decision.


The art and history of micro-pigmentation

From the beginnings of civilization, both men and women have adorned makeup and the art of tattooing to improve their appearance and denote concepts such as wealth, strength, bravery and spiritual well-being.

Beginning with the Egyptians where permanently inked patterns were found on their face, hands and arms to the Polynesians who have been practicing the tradition of "Tatau" on their torso going down to their knees as a requirement of ascending to a leadership for noble young men, the art of tattooing evolved independently in various parts of the world from the bamboo stick to the digitally controlled computerized tattoo machine.

When tattooing and makeup converge the result is called permanent makeup also know as micro-pigmentation, the introduction of pigments into the papillary dermis for aesthetic purposes. It's a skill, a science and an art, the objective being a very subtle enhancement of colour that looks as natural as possible.


There are different reasons that might lead a client to consider permanent makeup such as limited time or dexterity, impaired vision, paralysis or loss of limbs, burn injuries, multiple sclerosis or allergies to topical cosmetics.

Different treatments are available from 3D permanent makeup, Areola re-pigmentation,  Scar camouflage.


Corrective cosmetics & camouflage

Areola and nipples, vitiligo, scars and plastic surgery hair line face lift scars.  


Hair stroke and shaded in technique that gives a brow a hair-like appearance


A calligraphy of eyebrows realized with a metallic pen and nano needles.


Defines the lash line and enhances your eye shape.


Defines the existing lip line but may also augment the size and fullness of the natural lip.




Contact Me

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